Totowa NJ Driving School

An Outstanding Driving School In Totowa, NJ


Enterprise Driving School is an outstanding driving school in Totowa, NJ. 16-year-olds studying for their first driver’s license have a curriculum all their own, but we also help polish the skills of experienced drivers.

Our comprehensive driver education curriculum offers everything you need to become a confident driver.  Enterprise’s instructors have trained people from all walks of life.

Nervous drivers have the support of 15 years’ experience, with the help of our patient instructors.  Regardless of your skill or experience level, Enterprise has thoughtfully designed a comprehensive selection of courses to ensure that our students graduate as excellent drivers.

Our instructors.

Enterprise’s instructors are consummate professionals.  With patience and expert knowledge of state road laws, they support even the most nervous drivers.  They put our students at ease as they learn to drive.

With detailed training in driving manual transmissions, defensive driving and a dedicated program for young people getting their first license, Enterprise brings Totowa driver education that prepares people to get behind the wheel with confidence.

Confidence.  It’s a key ingredient when you’re talking about driving.   Confidence flows from knowledge, so we send our students home with the knowledge they need to be confident, responsible drivers.

Enterprise Driving School in Totowa, NJ offers outstanding training that creates well-prepared drivers.  Reduced visibility, night driving, collision prevention and defensive driving are all part of the driver education we offer the community of Totowa, at Enterprise.

If manual transmissions make you nervous, we’ll demystify them for you. We’ll have you shifting and clutching like you born knowing how by the time you’ve graduated from our driving school in Totowa, NJ.

Enterprise’s instructors boast decades of collective experience.  They’ll share with you the knowledge you need to drive with complete confidence – safely and responsibly.

Our students come first.

Enterprise’s top notch instructors are the standard bearers of our longstanding tradition of student-focused driver education. That’s just one reason we’ve been around for a decade and a half – the personal touch.

We’re the most trusted driving school in Totowa, NJ because our students come first.  We’ll even pick you up for your lesson and drop you off afterward.  It’s our way of saying “Thank you for choosing Enterprise”.

Enterprise Driving School offers 360˚ driver training for people of all ages and skill levels.  Whether you’re 16 and a new to driving, or 60 and improving your skills, we’ll give you personalized attention that puts you first.

Test preparation is a big part of what we do at our driving school in Totowa, NJ.  With Enterprise, you’ll pass your written and road tests.  We give you 3 months of unlimited access to exam materials to make sure it happens.


Enterprise offers excellent driver education.  Our driving school in Totowa, NJ, trains you to be road-ready, with all the skills you need.

We help to make Totowa’s roads safer by offering detailed driver education that trains you to drive aware and prepared.

Contact us to discover quality driving instruction at Enterprise Driving School in Totowa, NJ.