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Learn to Drive with Paterson, New Jersey’s Premier Driving School


Learning to drive a vehicle is both exciting and scary.  A motor vehicle is a big, powerful machine and you’re about to get behind the wheel of one.  Cars go fast and there are lots of them out there on the highways and byways of Paterson, New Jersey.

Enterprise Driving School is Paterson, New Jersey’s premier driving school.  We build the drivers of tomorrow.  At Enterprise, we’ve met all kinds of people learning to drive.  We’ve instructed teens who can’t wait to get their first driver’s license.  We’ve also worked with many older adults learning to drive for employment opportunities and people who’ve lost their licenses for a variety of reasons.  All kinds of people have learned to become competent, safe drivers with Enterprise.

With 15 years’ experience, the experts at Enterprise Driving School aren’t afraid of a challenge.  We’ve been building road-safe New Jersey drivers for a decade and a half.  Even if accumulated traffic tickets have kept you off the road for awhile, we can help make you a better, safer driver.

The best instructors.

Our instructors have seen a lot of white knuckles on steering wheels.  Nervous drivers, or people who’ve had bad experiences behind the wheel, come to us a little rattled.  They leave confident – ready to drive again.

At Enterprise Driving School in Paterson, New Jersey, we’re patient.  We know drivers need to feel confident about their skills.  Confident drivers are good drivers. At Enterprise, we build competent, confident drivers who help make the roads of Paterson safer for themselves and everyone else.

“My instructor was patient and understanding.  She allayed my fears immediately.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Daisy M.

If you need to improve your driving skills and boost your confidence, Enterprise Driving School’s instructors are your best friends.  They’re local experts, giving you the tools and confidence you need to join other drivers out there on the road, safely.

Customer focus.

Putting our customers first is another important factor in Enterprise Driving School’s 15 years of success.  We’ve become the most trusted driving school in Paterson, New Jersey because we work with your skill level and temperament, offering expert instruction in every facet of driving a car – even a stick shift!

With Enterprise, your newfound confidence is supported by classroom and practical instruction in every aspect of driving.

Our comprehensive services cover defensive driving, collision prevention and night driving.  Enterprise offers the full range of instructional services.  We’ll guide you through test preparation, both written and on the road, to ensure you’re ready.

Learn with us.

Whether you’re a new driver who can’t wait to get out there, or someone who needs to improve your skills, Enterprise is here to help with affordable, licensed instruction.

Enterprise Driving School’s mission is to educate the drivers of tomorrow and to support experienced drivers, helping them improve their skills.  We’re here to make Paterson, New Jersey’s roads safer, by providing detailed instruction that builds good drivers.

Contact us to find out why Enterprise Driving School is Paterson, New Jersey’s premier driving school.