Hasbrouck Heights NJ Driving School

Building Driver Confidence


To drive a vehicle safely and effective, confidence is an important attribute.  An accident (or even having a close call) can erode the confidence you need to drive on often hostile and aggressive roads.  For many of us, taking charge of a vehicle rolling at considerable velocity can be intimidating.

Enterprise Driving School in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, builds driver confidence.  We’ve met all kinds of people learning to drive.  From teenagers, anxious to gain their independence with a driver’s license, to experienced drivers rebuilding their confidence after an accident, we’ve seen a lot at Enterprise.

We’re a family-owned driving school in Hasbrouck Heights with fifteen years’ experience.  For a decade and a half, we’ve taken pride in building the confidence of New Jersey drivers.  Even if you’ve been off the road for awhile, due to an accident or infractions, we’ll help build your confidence to get back out there.

Great instructors.

Nervous drivers and people who’ve had bad experiences on the road have shown us the meaning of the words “ white knuckling it.”  We have felt the fear, along with them.

At Enterprise Driving School, we’re patient.  Our great instructors know drivers need confidence to be effective and safe.  At Enterprise, we build good drivers who help make the roads of Hasbrouck Heights safer.  We instill and restore confidence and teach good habits, with first class driver education.

“My instructor was patient and understanding.  She allayed my fears immediately.”

Daisy M.

If you need to improve your driving skills or learn to drive stick shift, our instructors are your best friends.  The instructors at Enterprise Driving School in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey are experts.  They give you the tools and confidence you need to join other Garden State drivers on the open road.

Stellar customer service.

Enterprise’s customer service is another important factor in our fifteen years of success.  As the most trusted driving school in Hasbrouck Heights, we put our students first.  We work to individual skill levels and personalities.

Your comfort level is an important factor in learning to drive.  At Enterprise, we know that and we work with what you’ve got, never pushing you further than you’re ready to go.

We’ll even arrange to pick you up for your lesson.  We offer driver education in defensive, low visibility and night driving, as part of our full range of services.  We’ll also guide you through test preparation, both written and on the road.

Driver confidence counts.

Whether you’re a new driver itching to get your license, or an experienced driver needing to improve your skills and build your confidence, Enterprise is here to help with affordable, professional instruction.

Enterprise Driving School in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey educates the drivers of tomorrow (and supports people ready to get back out there with improved skills).

Enterprise’s goal is to make Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey’s roads safer.  We provide quality, detailed instruction that builds confident drivers.

Contact us to find out how Enterprise Driving School can help you develop your confidence and driving skills.