Hackensack NJ Driving School

Enterprise Driving School in Hackensack, NJ provides superior driver training for everyone who wants to learn.  From courses for 16-year-olds earning their first license, to thorough instruction dedicated to improving the skills of experienced drivers, our curriculum is comprehensive.  At Enterprise, we build excellent drivers.

With 15 years of teaching drivers under our seatbelts, the pro team at Enterprise Driving School is ready for any challenge.  Regardless your experience level, our selection of courses has been carefully put together to ensure our students leave ready to drive responsibly, with total confidence and awareness.

Outstanding teaching.

Our professional instructors are chosen to satisfy several crucial criteria.  The most important of these is patience.  Some people come to us nervous about driving a car, but our instructors know how to instill confidence.

With courses in defensive driving, manual transmissions and a series of courses dedicated entirely to 16-year-olds who have never driven, Enterprise offers driver training in every conceivable aspect of being on the road.

Our instructors know that confidence flows from knowledge.  We send our students home with the tools they need to be confident, competent drivers.

At Enterprise Driving School in Hackensack, NJ, we’ll give you everything you need to drive safely.  From driving in reduced visibility conditions, to nightdriving, preventing collisions and driving defensively, our curriculum covers all the bases.  You’ll leave our driving school in Hackensack, NJ ready to make the roads of Hackensack safer.

Our gifted instructors have detailed knowledge to share with you. They provide students with everything they need to drive responsibly and well.  When you’ve trained with Enterprise, you’re ready for anything.

Students come first.

Our professional instructors at Enterprise Driving School in Hackensack, NJ are a point of pride.  They’re in the vanguard of our customer service tradition. That’s why we’ve been around awhile –  we put our students first.

Enterprise is the most trusted driving school in Hackensack, NJ because we instruct the person, working with your temperament and personality.  Offering student-focused driver training that’s comprehensive and individualized, we send you out on the road ready for anything.

Featuring a complete roster of driver education courses for people of all skill levels, ages and experience, Enterprise is your best bet for driver ed.  Whether you’re 16 and studying for that first license, or 60 and looking for enhanced skills, we’ll support you with a personalized curriculum that acknowledges your uniqueness.

A central function of the curriculum at our driving school in Hackensack, NJ is test preparation.  We want you to pass your written and practical tests with ease and do us proud!

Training road-safe drivers.

Enterprise provides superior driver training, regardless of experience.  Enterprise Driving School in Hackensack, NJ, trains drivers to be responsible, safe and courteous.

We’re proud to make the roads of Hackensack, NJ safer by providing an exceptional range of courses focused on training road-safe drivers.

Contact us to find out how Enterprise Driving School in Hackensack, NJ can get you driving with total confidence.