Elmwood Park NJ Driving School

Enterprise Driving School in Elmwood Park, New Jersey is where you need to be.


Driving a car offers independence and freedom for millions of Americans.  For young people aching to achieve their first driver’s license, driving is a rite of passage.  For many, though, the idea of getting behind the wheel is the source of no little anxiety.

At Enterprise Driving School in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, we’ve helped all kinds of people learn to drive competently and safely.  From teens itching to take the wheel, to experienced drivers who’ve racked up infractions and lost their licenses, we’ve seen it all.

With 15 years’ experience building the confidence of New Jersey drivers, we can safely say that no challenge is too great.  Even if you’ve been out of commission for awhile, we can help.  When you’re ready to get back behind the wheel, we’re ready to help you build your confidence and skill set.

Our patient instructors.

Patience is a virtue where driving instructors are concerned.  Nervous new drivers, or people who’ve had unfortunate experiences behind the wheel, need all the support they can get.  We know that.  That’s why our comprehensive instructional services are Elmwood Park, New Jersey’s best.

At Enterprise Driving School, we’re patient.  We know drivers young and old need to turn the key in the ignition with confidence.  Confident drivers are good drivers.  At Enterprise, we build competent drivers who make the roads of Elwood Park safer.

Enterprise is where you need to be.”

                                                                                                     Daisy M.

Whether you want to improve your driving skills or learn to drive a stick shift, the instructors at Enterprise make our driving school the place to be.  They’ll give you the tools and the confidence to join other Garden State drivers out on the road, safely.

Learn with Enterprise.

Enterprise Driving School’s customer service is an important factor in our decade and a half of success.  We’re Elmwood Park, New Jersey’s premier driving school because we put you first.  We work to your temperament and skill level, offering expert instruction in every facet of driving a car – stick shifts included!

Enterprise will even pick you up for your lesson in defensive, low visibility or night driving.  Offering a full range of instructional services, we guide you through test preparation, both written and on the road.  We send you out there with first class skills and judgment – a confident driver who’s ready for anything.

Let’s roll.

Whether you’re a newly minted driver, chomping at the bit to take the wheel, or someone who needs to improve your skills and boost your confidence, Enterprise is here to help.  Our affordable, professional instruction provides you with all you need to get rolling.

Enterprise Driving School is Elmwood Park, New Jersey’s family-owned and operated education resource for the drivers of tomorrow.  If you’re anxious about driving, our instructors will soothe your jangled nerves and get you road ready and street legal before you know it.

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