Manual Transmission

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Manual Transmission Lessons With Top Notch Instructors at Enterprise.

To many new drivers (and some experienced ones), the manual transmission can be a source of apprehension. Sure, it’s a little tricky, but a lot of the best things in life are.

At Enterprise Driving School, we can not only de-mystify the stick shift transmission for you, we can help you learn to drive a car with one confidently!

With 21 years of quality driver education in the rear-view mirror, the team at Enterprise loves seeing the looks on the faces of our students when they finally “get” how a manual transmission works. That moment is special to us because it means our drivers have one more layer of driving knowledge to serve them out on the roads of New Jersey.

You can do it!

Manual transmission lessons at Enterprise Driving School mean you can do it! There’s nothing to be afraid of because we acquaint you with the basics first and move on from there.

Manual transmissions only involve one more pedal and that gear shift you eye with such suspicion. But once you’ve conquered the differences, you’re golden and a much more well-rounded driver.

It’s not as hard as it looks. With one of Enterprise’s patient instructors at your side, your mastery of the manual transmission will be complete and you’ll feel empowered to shift into a whole new level of driving.

Enterprise Driving School is fully licensed by the New Jersey State Safety Council and approved by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. For questions and appointments on our teen driving lessons in Hudson County, Passaic County, Bergen County, and Essex County, simply call 973-777-1642 or 973-778-4365 today.

Become a road master with manual transmission lessons.

You’ll learn all the ins and outs of driving a manual transmission with our thorough instruction. You’ll learn about putting your vehicle in park safely because manual transmission vehicles need you to remember to engage the parking brake before climbing out of the driver’s seat.

That’s a big one! You’ll learn the complexities of clutching and shifting, before we even turn on the engine so you’re ready to go, with all the information you need to safely shift up and down.

The clutch is probably the most prominent source of anxiety for a lot of people learning to drive a stick shift. It’s one more pedal to think about, right? But with an Enterprise Driving School instructor, you’ll learn a variety of pro tips that will bring you to the point at which you won’t even think about the clutch anymore.

Engaging the clutch will become second nature to you and soon, you’ll be shifting and clutching with confidence.

When you’ve completed your manual transmission lessons, you’ll not only be a road master, you’ll own a wealth of knowledge about how to drive a stick shift vehicle well, smoothly and safely. With our instructors, manual transmission lessons are fun, informative and thorough.

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Enterprise Driving School.

Enterprise Driving School brings all kinds of drivers the very best in detailed courses that cover all the bases. We go well beyond manual transmissions, with a special curriculum designed for 16-year-olds trying for their first license.

We offer drivers of all ages and experience levels courses in every aspect of driving, from driving at night to collision prevention and beyond.


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