Wallington, NJ Driving School

Enterprise Driving School is the most respected driving school in Wallington, NJ. 16-year-olds studying for their first driver’s license have a curriculum all their own, but we also help improve the skills of experienced drivers.

Our comprehensive driver training curriculum offers all the knowledge you need to become an excellent driver.  Enterprise’s instructors have taught all kinds of people to drive.

Anxious drivers are supported by 15 years’ experience, with the help of our patient instructors.  Regardless of your experience or skill level, Enterprise has thoughtfully developed a selection of courses which ensures that our students graduate ready to drive well.

Our instructors.

With patience and thorough knowledge of state road laws, our instructors work with even the most nervous drivers.  They help our students feel at ease on the road.

With detailed training in manual transmissions, driving defensively and a program specifically created for young people achieving their first licenses, Enterprise brings Wallington driver training that teaches people to take charge on the roads.

Confidence is important when you’re learning to drive.   Confidence grows from knowledge and experience, so we send our students home with everything they need to be confident, road-savvy drivers.

Enterprise Driving School in Wallington, NJ brings you detailed instruction that creates well-prepared drivers.  Reduced visibility, collision prevention, and defensive driving are all part of the education we offer this community, at Enterprise.

If you find manual transmissions intimidating, we’ll help you command them. We’ll have you shifting and clutching like a pro by the time you’ve graduated from our driving school in Wallington, NJ.

Enterprise’s instructors bring you decades of experience.  Their knowledge of New Jersey state road laws is comprehensive.


Enterprise’s outstanding instructors continue Enterprise’s long tradition of student-focused driver training. That’s a big reason we’ve been training drivers for 15 years.  All our students receive highly personalized instruction which meets them where they are and teaches to their strengths and weaknesses.

We’re the most respected driving school in Wallington, NJ because we put our students first.  We’ll even pick you up for your lesson and drop you off afterward.  It’s our way of thanking you for choosing Enterprise.

Enterprise Driving School offers people of all ages 360˚ driver education.  Whether you’re 16 and have never driven, or 60 and improving your skills, we’ll give you personalized attention that puts you first.

Test preparation is an important part of what we do at our driving school in Wallington, NJ.  With Enterprise, you’ll pass your written and road tests with flying colors.  We give you 3 months of unlimited access to exam materials to make sure you do.

Road stars made here!

Enterprise Driving School in Wallington, NJ, educates you to be road star, with all the expertise you need to drive with confidence.

We help make Wallington’s roads safer by offering comprehensive driver education that trains you to drive confidently, because you’re prepared.

Contact us to discover the very best in driver education at Enterprise Driving School in Wallington, NJ.